These downloadable booklets are for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Partners, family members and carers may also find them useful.

Pancreatic Cancer Handbook

This handbook provides information for people living with pancreatic cancer.

It gives a general introduction to pancreatic cancer, information on tests and investigations that help confirm a diagnosis and provides an overview of possible treatment options and the wider impact of the diagnosis. This information may also be helpful for anyone who is undergoing investigations for pancreatic cancer and wondering what the next steps might be.

Pancreatic Dietary Handbook

This handbook provides information to help in the management of dietary symptoms of people living with pancreatic cancer.

The information contained in this booklet is appropriate to follow if you are undergoing treatment for your pancreatic cancer, are in the early stages following treatment, or are underweight or losing weight. If you have recovered form your cancer, you should speak to your dietitian about the most appropriate diet to follow for longer-term health.