Pancare Foundation is a not-for-profit national organisation created in 2011 by Dr Mehrdad Nikfarjam, with the support of family, friends, colleagues and a number of his patients.

It was quite evident that the outcomes of patients with pancreatic, liver, biliary and foregut cancers had improved very little, despite them as a whole representing a leading cause of cancer deaths in our society. The sad truth being that these are the cancers people don’t want to talk about, with only minority of those affected by these cancers living long enough to create support groups and champion a movement to improve treatment outcomes for generations to come.

Pancare was established to be the long-standing voice of those affected by these cancers, working  to save and improve  lives through  public awareness, research, education and support.  Pancare Foundation is dedicated in providing public and personalised information and support to patients and relatives to enable them to make informed decisions about their care.

The survival rates for the majority of patients with such cancers have remained poor for decades.  Despite of this, funding for these cancers remains severely under-funded and under researched.

With greater awareness, research and education Pancare Foundation believe it can make difference.