Catherine’s wish this Christmas is for more time with her family.

Your gift today will keep Catherine, and people just like her, in our pancreatic cancer screening program.


Early detection for pancreatic cancer can literally be the difference between life and death.

And for an aggressive disease such as pancreatic cancer, early detection is even more critical.

Just ask Catherine.

Catherine is at a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer, having lost two immediate family members – her two older sisters.

Your gift of $75 today will help support one person like Catherine through the screening program for three months.

The screening program is funded by Pancare in Melbourne and Sydney, but with no government funding, we need to raise urgent funds to keep 200 patients in the program, including Catherine, and give more people around Australia access to it.   


Pancreatic cancer may have taken Catherine’s sisters, but she is determined that it won’t take her too. She doesn’t want to be next.

Catherine remembers the day when the news came in that her eldest sister, Sue, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer:

“My family was devastated, because we knew it wouldn’t last long. There was very little hope of her surviving.”

Sue’s battle only lasted seven months.

Fast forward three years to 2013, and Catherine’s initial devastation was replaced by panic. Because her other sister, Jane, was now diagnosed with the same disease.

Jane’s battle lasted just 11 months.


Catherine is still at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer, but she lives in hope for more precious moments with her family, thanks to your support.

There are also many other people who are not in the screening program. Together we can reach them before pancreatic cancer does.

Your gift today will help fund the use of specialist medical facilities and equipment and help expand the program into Queensland and Western Australia.

Here’s the impact your gift will have:

  • $75 will help one person at risk access the screening program for three months
  • $150 will help one person access the screening program for six months
  • $300 will help one person access the screening program for one year

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