Catherine’s wish this Christmas is for more time with her family.

Your gift today will keep Catherine, and people just like her, in our pancreatic cancer screening program.


Catherine lost two immediate family members to pancreatic cancer, and she’s at a higher risk of developing the same cancer herself.

Your gift today will help support more people just like Catherine through the screening program.

The screening program is funded by Pancare in Melbourne and Sydney, but with no government funding, we need to raise urgent funds to keep 200 patients in the program, including Catherine, and give more people around Australia access to it.   

“Losing two sisters to pancreatic cancer in several years was a shock and a great loss. But even more frightening was the thought that there may be a genetic link that could exist in us.”

There are many other people who may be at just as much risk who are not in the screening program. Together we can reach them before pancreatic cancer does.

Your gift today will help fund the use of specialist medical facilities and equipment and help expand the program into Queensland and Western Australia.

Here’s the impact your gift will have:

  • $75 will help one person access the screening program for three months
  • $150 will help one person access the screening program for six months
  • $300 will help one person access the screening program for one year


Catherine is still at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer, but he lives in hope for more precious moments with her family, thanks to your support.              

Catherine doesn’t know where she’d be without the screening program. As long as she stays in the program, it gives her the life-saving chance to create many more Christmas memories with her family.

“I have a very important role now – keeping my family and the younger ones together. My granddaughters are my darlings.”

With every day that slips by, the chance to help Catherine and others like her access the screening program slips away – which is why your help is needed urgently.

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