“Some other mum one day will want a fighting chance to stay with her own kids – and I hope she makes it. I really do. And I hope that it is partly because of your support” – Kim

Your gift to the tax appeal today will be MATCHED – to help mums like Kim.

Kim was told in 2015 that she would only survive nine months, but three years later she is still here – thanks to someone like you. Someone who was touched by cancer and found it in their heart to reach out and give generously to help fund new treatments.

Kim is now losing her battle though, and she wants other mums to have a better chance of staying with their kids. A chance for more time doing the simple things – like listening to their child talk about school, or reading a bedtime story together.

Today is your chance to step in and give hope to other parents fighting a battle just like Kim. Read Kim’s full story here.