First subject recruited for Global Pancreatic Clinical Study Programme

OncoSil Medical, a medical device company focused on localised treatments for patients with pancreatic and liver cancer, is pleased to announce that Monash Health has recruited the first subject for its global clinical study program in pancreatic cancer. 

OncoSil Medical’s lead product, OncoSil is a targeted radioactive isotope (Phosphorous-32), implanted directly into a patient’s pancreatic tumours via an endoscopic ultrasound. Treatment with OncoSil is intended to deliver more concentrated and localised beta radiation compared to external beam radiation.

The first subject has completed all baseline assessments and will now commence one month of chemotherapy prior to implantation with the OncoSil Device.

The recruitment of the first subject represents a significant milestone in the clinical study process to date and is the culmination of many months of work by Monash Health and OncoSil in preparing the centre for study commencement.

This patient is the first in a total of 20 subjects required to meet the supplemental data request  to secure CE Marking for the OncoSil device.

“We are pleased to report that the first subject for our global pancreatic clinical programme was recruited from our lead Australian site, Monash Health. The data from this subject and 19 others to be recruited from tier-one centres in the US, UK and other Australian centres will contribute to our supplemental data request for CE Marking. We look forward to updating the market with our recruitment progress over the coming weeks,” says OncoSil CEO, Daniel Kenny.

Pancare encourages people newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to discuss with your treating team to see if you are eligible for the study.