Awareness into Pancreatic Cancer Gets More Love

Georgia Love has become an official ambassador for The Pancare Foundation.

Georgia has endured a rollercoaster 2016, firstly taking Australia by storm as this year’s Bachelorette, before tragically losing her mother to pancreatic cancer, only six months after she was diagnosed.

That deep personal connection has inspired Georgia to do all she can to help raise awareness of this devastating killer and is honoured to officially represent Pancare.

Georgia said that she could only hope that some positives could come out of the awful loss she and her family has suffered.

“I believe it’s vital  to create awareness around  this brutal disease and hopefully do some good and make a change for people like myself and my family, but also to hopefully stop others from having to go through the same thing,” Georgia said.

“You never expect this kind of thing to happen to you, let alone so quickly.

“I’ve had such a whirlwind year, such a range of emotions, from meeting Lee to my Mum’s battle, and I want to help as much as I can.

“I knew nothing about the disease six months ago, but I had to learn in the most personal way.

“Learning that the survival rate hasn’t changed in 40 years, I knew something had to change. I want to make the most of the opportunity I have to try and spread the word. I find it shocking  there is so little awareness of such a brutal  killer.

Pancare Foundation CEO Angela Dixon said she was thrilled to welcome Georgia on board as the organisation’s newest ambassador.

“Georgia is such an engaging and genuine person, and with her help we want everyone to know about pancreatic cancer and the work we’re doing here at the Pancare Foundation,” Ms Dixon said.

“To have a such low survival rate compared to other cancers in this era of modern medicine is a major concern – hence, we need to raise awareness and ask for donations to fund more research, in order to bring that survival rate into the 21st century.

“It’s worrying to think that by 2030, it’s estimated that pancreatic cancer will be the second leading cause of death from cancer.

“With Georgia’s support, we hope to have a lot more people talking about pancreatic cancer.”