Important update regarding COVID-19

In the best interest of our loyal supporters, patients, their families, volunteers and partners, we have chosen to take on board the social distancing measures implemented by the Federal Government and will be making changes to upcoming Pancare Foundation events.

As your health and safety is paramount, we will continue to monitor updates and recommendations daily from the Federal and State Governments and relevant health authorities.

Any new updates will be assessed, and updates provided as needed regarding the status of our events.

Pancare Patient Support Groups

Face-to-face Patient Support Groups will be cancelled until further notice.

We are currently exploring alternative methods (for example, live video link) on how Pancare can continue to facilitate vital support groups, albeit in a digital format from the comfort of your home. This is a proposition we have been exploring for some time to make connecting and supporting others on the same journey as you easier.

We look forward to providing more information to you shortly.

Pancare Walk for Hope

In order to support social distancing measures currently being implemented by Federal Government, we will follow recommendations that non-essential organised gatherings of greater than 500 people do not proceed.

Walk for Hope Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast will not proceed in their current format – however we will still be running these events, just in a different way. We appreciate that many of you love the Walk for Hope events as they provide a sense of solidarity and unity; allowing you to raise awareness, remember your loved ones and rally around those currently fighting.

We are currently putting in place plans for a virtual event to allow our community of supporters to still get involved and raise vital funds for Pancare – please be patient with us as we work towards announcing what this will look like.

We will announce details in due course via

Information for people living with cancer

People with certain chronic diseases, such as cancer, may be at an increased risk of developing COVID-19 due to a weakened immune system. Certain cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, may further weaken a patient’s immune system.

Cancer patients may also be at an increased risk of complications associated with COVID-19, which could affect a patient’s ability to receive cancer treatments.

Please speak with your health care provider regarding your personal situation and any additional precautions you should consider.

You should also contact your local hospital or cancer centre about any rules the facility is putting in place about visitors for hospitalised patients or those receiving outpatient care, like chemotherapy treatments. Contact your facility for further instruction.

For current information, including advice on symptoms and precautions and travel alerts, call the Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week or head to the Australian Government’s Health Department website at