From Thursday 5 April, Palas Jewellery and the Pancare Foundation are coming together to raise funds, selling three special charms chosen by and close to the heart of Pancare Ambassador and Survivor Season 2 alumni, Henry Nicholson.

Just before his Mum, Jenny, passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2017, she gave Henry her favourite Palas charm and chain, and this was where his connection to Palas and Pancare began. When on Survivor, Henry’s sisters, Ash and Kate, sent him a Palas ‘Angel Wing’ charm to remind him of the angel looking down on him and to keep following his dream to continue on Survivor.
This ‘Angel Wing’ charm, alongside the ‘Strong, Beautiful and Brave’ charm and the ‘My Beautiful Mum’ charm, are available as a part of this special collaboration, with 50% of proceeds from the sales going towards Pancare.

On why he chose these charms, Henry said, ‘These charms mean a lot to me, all three remind me of the most influential person in my life, my Mum. I hope through this collaboration, not only will we raise awareness for one of the most fatal cancers but that we’ll raise some much-needed funding for ongoing research.’

Anna Dimond, CEO and designer started Palas Jewellery 22 years ago and is proud to work alongside Henry, saying, ‘Henry reached out to me after Survivor with the most heartfelt email about how Palas had helped his family and what it meant to them – we wanted to help more and we hope this collaboration with Pancare will help the charity achieve their goals and increase the survival rate.’

Henry believes that ‘Pancare is such a small, but immensely important, organisation and I know that together with Palas, we can really make a difference.’

50% of proceeds from each charm will go to Pancare until Mother’s Day, Sunday 13 May. If all three charms are purchased, the purchaser will receive a free 80cm box chain (valued at $72).

Please click here  to purchase.