Pancare Puts Melbourne on the World Stage for Pancreatic Cancer

The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition will gather on May 11 for its inaugural meeting in Orlando, Florida (USA), bringing together representatives from 40 pancreatic cancer advocacy groups from around the globe.


Bringing a voice to the 3000 Australians who lose their life to pancreatic cancer each year, is Pancare Foundation CEO, Angelia Dixon, who says, “Pancare is uniquely positioned in Australia as the only charity dedicated solely to increasing survival rates and supporting people affected by pancreatic cancer”.

With a survival rate of just 6.8%, pancreatic cancer is expected to be the second most common cause of cancer death by 2030, “which is why investment in research is critical right now”, adds Angelia.

“Between 2003 and 2011, research funding for breast and prostate cancer was $180M and $80M respectively, their survival rates are now 90% and 93%”, says Angelia, “over the same period of time, pancreatic cancer received only $8M for research funding and it has a 6.8% survival rate, only up 2% from 40 years ago”.

This is the first time there’s been a global focus on pancreatic cancer, giving advocacy groups the chance to support each other and raise global awareness of this hideous disease.
The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition will oversee the annual World Pancreatic Cancer Day, which was first held in November 2014 and is observed and celebrated from the United States to Europe and from Asia to here in Australia.

Damien Woodruff, National Australia Bank Business Banking Executive is currently battling pancreatic cancer and knows first-hand how tough the experience can be. Having gone through surgery and chemotherapy, Damien is now an advocate for pancreatic cancer awareness and calls for further investment in research to increase survival rates of people affected by the cancer.

“I want people to know that there is an organisation out there that can help people affected by this cancer, as it can be a lonely experience”, says Damien. “Pancare provide bi-monthly support groups in the Ivanhoe area, which give people the chance to connect with people in similar situations”.

The Pancare Foundation’s support group relies on funding through community donations, to support Pancare and their efforts, please visit

You can visit the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition website here.

*Image courtesy of World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition

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