Pancare supports national research to understand the effectiveness of screening people at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer

The Austin Hospital in Victoria and St Vincent’s Hospital in NSW are the only sites in Australia with a formal ethics approved pancreatic cancer screening program. The main objective of this research is to determine the effectiveness of screening for early pancreatic tumors in people with an inherited predisposition for pancreatic cancer using endoscopic ultrasound.

The studies involve endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and collecting blood and urine samples of people with at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer.  The stored blood and urine can be used to identify potential novel markers in people at highest risk of developing pancreatic cancer.  Critically, the study might help determine when prophylactic surgery might prevent  the progression of cancer.  People in the research project will be followed up for up to four years.

This research is already underway with funding from St Vincent’s Hospital and Austin Health.  Pancare funds additional research nurses to enable more people to participate in the at both sites.