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Money Help

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Money Help have qualified counsellors that can assist anyone in financial need from the following:

  • Losing your job
  • Managing bills and debt
  • Debt options
  • Housing costs


John Logan Foundation

John Logan Foundation financially support Australians with GI Cancers.

The Foundation assists by contributing towards prescribed treatments not available on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme).

Grants may range from $1,500 – $11,000 depending on the patients circumstances and needs.

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Australian Taxation Office

Income Tax: Medical Expense Rebate

Ruling for Medical Expense Rebate
Tax Ruling 93/34 Section 159P allows a rebate for net medical expenses exceeding $1,000. Net medical expenses includes payments for a ‘medical or surgical appliance’ prescribed by a legally qualified medical practitioner.

Examples of ‘medical or surgical appliance’ are the following:

  • Adhesive plaster and strapping
  • Bath seats of the kind used by invalids or aged persons
  • Colostomy appliances
  • Invalid chairs
  • Medical or surgical wigs for use by a person which is necessitated by loss of hair through sickness or disease (other than naturally occurring baldness) or the effects of the treatment of sickness or disease
  • Neoprene bandages/wraps to provide support

Financial Assistance for Carers

If you are constantly supporting someone with a medical condition and are not able to work in a substantially paid employment,  you may be entitled to one (1) of the following Department of Human Services benefits:

  • Carers Payment
  • Carers Allowance
  • Care Supplement