Help us create a Pancreatic Cancer Nurse Service
with your tax-deductible donation before June 30.

Your donation today will be matched dollar for dollar and help provide
specialist health information and support for people just like Tareanna and her family.

Your gift today will help ease the distress and uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
It will put a kind, specially-trained pancreatic cancer nurse at the end of a phone line to help with:

  • Health information and specialists in their local area
  • Putting people who have pancreatic cancer and their carers in touch with others going through the same thing
  • Knowing what questions to ask doctors, oncologists, surgeons, and more
  • Information on how to talk to friends, family, and even children about their diagnosis
  • Understanding their options for pain management and palliative care.

And you will help patients like Tareanna get the best out of their health – and their days.

Your world changes at the moment a doctor says “it’s pancreatic cancer”

Tareanna was diagnosed with a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumour when she was 38.

Her daughters were two and five years old. She is determined to make the best of every day and stay as well as possible for as long as possible.

“When you’re first diagnosed, you’re in the dark.

You need someone who understands what a patient like myself is going through – one that’s worked with other patients in similar situations. 

Looking back now, I can see so many things that if I had someone on the end of the phone that I could call up directly, it would have been brilliant in my recovery and treatment.”

Through our dedicated service we can help patients understand a recent diagnosis, treatment options, learn practical ways to manage symptoms, connect them to supportive services and make informed choices on how they can live with pancreatic cancer.

Your gift today will help give Tareanna the support of a pancreatic cancer nurse at the end of a phone line.
Please give generously.