Pancare announces new telehealth pancreatic cancer nurse service

Pancare Foundation have announced a three year pilot together with the Centre for Community-Driven Research, to support patients, carers and families living with pancreatic cancer through a dedicated telehealth service.

For the 3,500 plus Australians diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year, navigating the health system and accessing disease-specific information in the fight for their life can be an isolating experience – even more so for patients living in rural and regional areas.

In our commitment to meet the needs of people living with pancreatic cancer, Pancare Foundation are proud to announce the development of a dedicated telehealth pancreatic cancer nurse program – an initiative from the Centre for Community-Driven Research (CCDR).

The Patient Pathways Program model designed by CCDR and funded by the Australian Department of Health, will be supporting Pancare Foundation to deliver a dedicated telehealth pancreatic cancer nurse program to support patients navigate the health system, access services available to them and be empowered in making decisions regarding their health. Pancare will be supported by CCDR to adapt and test the Patient Pathways model in addition to providing ongoing education and training to the telehealth nurse. Pancare will be funding the pancreatic cancer nurse – all thanks to your generous support.

Scheduled to commence in July 2019, the specialist pancreatic cancer nurse service will offer telephone support via booked appointments from Pancare’s Melbourne headquarters to support patients, carers and families through the impact of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and beyond by:

  • sign-posting them to allied health services, including dietitians, counsellors, exercise specialists, as well as evidence-based complimentary therapies within a local area
  • helping patients know the right questions to ask their oncologist, surgeon and wider health team
  • providing information on how to talk to family and friends about the diagnosis
  • discussing practical tips to manage symptoms and side effects
  • helping to understand the options around pain management and palliative care
  • helping to consider advanced care planning and assist with open conversations with their family
  • providing options around Pancare’s Financial Assistance Program for those experiencing hardship, and to bring respite to families and carers
  • assisting with connections for people living with pancreatic cancer, helping them to share experiences and build supportive relationships, via access to in-person support groups
  • a seamless case management service with regular follow ups to ensure patient needs are being met.

The program will also provide a platform to share patient experiences to inform future research, treatment and clinical care to help improve outcomes for patients diagnosed in the future.

“The addition of this program to our existing patient support services will further help address the needs of patients and their families living with pancreatic cancer. It is our vision that no one should have to face their journey alone and we look forward to providing support that’s accessible for all Australians, no matter where they live” said Pancare Foundation CEO, Barry Westhorpe.

Pancare Foundation are currently recruiting a specialist nurse to fill the role and will provide further announcements on the launch of the service in the coming months. For more information contact Pancare Foundation 1300 881 698 or