Better quality pancreatic cancer care received in metropolitan and higher socio-economic areas

Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) Berghofer researchers have found that pancreatic cancer patients living in metropolitan centres and areas with a high socio-economic status receive better-quality medical care, which is associated with improved survival.

The research by A/Professor Rachel Neale and colleagues based on NSW and QLD data shows that not all patients with pancreatic cancer receive the same quality of care.

It appears that patients of a low socio-economic status and rural patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, may not be getting the same opportunities for treatment, particularly assessment for potentially curative surgery than those patients from main city centres or higher socio-economic status.

Certainly we need to be working hard to ensure all patients receive the best treatments possible in Australia, if we going to improve survival rates.  Hopefully, we will soon obtain information on how patients in other states are being treated – this however requires funding.  Pancare Foundation, with all its supporters  is helping with such efforts providing funding for the development of  upper gastrointestinal cancer registries.

You can read the original article published in here.

You can read A/Prof Neal’s article here.

Comment by Dr Mehrdad Nikfarjam – Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Surgeon