Peter Lynch

On average, more than 130 Australians die every week from pancreatic, liver biliary and foregut cancer, most within three to six months of diagnosis. Known as the ‘silent’ cancers, they’re difficult to detect in their early stages and are very aggressive.

When Melbourne businessman and father Peter Lynch was only 55, a colonoscopy revealed he had bowel cancer. It was aggressive and had spread throughout several surrounding organs including his liver. Even after surgery, his rate of survival was minimal.

Three years later, Peter is still fighting his battle with this horrendous beast. His positive outlook and healthy diet, teamed with radical surgery and drug trials, is among the many aspects keeping him alive.

Beat This, is an upbeat, inspirational, real life account of Peter’s fight. Filmed by his television producer daughter Natalie, the film was made with the intention of spreading hope to the thousands of Australians diagnosed each year with high mortality rate cancers.

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