Tiny Drug-Laden ‘Popping Bubbles’ Lead Triple Attack Treatment For Liver Cancer

Researchers from the University of Illinois College of Engineering have discovered a novel method for repositioning an FDA-approved anti-cancer compound so it can specifically target liver cancer tumors.

A ‘triple attack’ technique combining chemotherapy, thermal ablation, and hyperthermia provided a highly targeted, yet minimally invasive approach.

One of Pancare’s medical advisors, Dr Mark Goodwin made these comments

“This is an interesting early study demonstrating the feasibility of using a technologically advanced drug delivery system, in the form of specifically engineered tiny bubbles containing an anti-cancer drug, in combination with a newly-designed ultrasound device to ‘pop’ the bubbles in a specific part of the body. In years to come, this type of focused approach could allow a wide range of anti-cancer drugs to be delivered in high doses to target cancers”.

You read the full article here.

Tiny Drug-Laden...

Dr Mark Goodwin – Interventional Radiologist

Dr Mark Goodwin is a Staff Radiologist at Austin Health, Melbourne, appointed in 2008, with a major interest in both diagnostic and interventional radiology of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic systems.
He did his basic radiology training in the UK, moved to Australia in 2005 and there completed hepatobiliary and subspecialty training. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, and is the Treasurer of the Abdominal Radiology Group of Australia and New Zealand (ARGANZ). His particular interests include the diagnosis, staging and treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic malignancies.

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