TLS – Online security update

Online security update

We wanted to bring to your attention some important security changes that are happening across the computer industry. These changes will affect how you use the internet, how your computer connects to us, and how you engage with us and our mission.

The standards body that regulates how credit and debit card payments are handled over the internet, are changing their minimum standard for sending card information over the internet. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards council is requiring that all software vendors and payment processors, (such as Paypal, or Verified by Visa), make updates to support a more secure encryption for credit and debit cards. This is to ensure that your online payments remain safe. The encryption is called Transport Layer Security encryption protocol (TLS).

How will the change impact me?

This means you need to be on the latest browser and operating system to continue to access your online banking, pay your bills online and importantly for us, to continue to support our organisation.

When are the changes taking place?

We are ensuring our systems are compliant on 15 March, 2018.  And we encourage you to update your operating system and browser as soon as possible before this date, to protect your donation to us and guarantee it is processed safely after this date.

These changes are a good thing as it will keep all information sent over the internet more secure.  Ensuring you’re on the latest operating system and browser will also prevent any disruption in your ability to make donations to our organisation.

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