Additional COVID-19 (coronavirus) Resources

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

The virus poses particular risk in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who already experience a significant burden of chronic disease including respiratory conditions.

The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) has begun reaching out to community health services to implement possible emergency response plans and providing them with the latest available information.

The Federal Government is engaging with Aboriginal leaders and will be distributing national guidelines over how to respond to COVID-19 if it appears in vulnerable remote communities. Steps are already being taken to ensure communities are well prepared and are engaged in decision-making over quarantine measures and accessing their local health services.


A collection of resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and remote communities, about coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Wash Well to Keep Mob Safe

Stay at home to keep Mob safe

How can children help stop the spread?

Everyone can protect against infections by practising good hand and respiratory hygiene, even our kids & grandkids.


Cover your cough and sneeze

Be a Soapy Hero!

Department of Health Resources

A collection of resources for the general public, health professionals and industry about coronavirus (COVID-19). These resources are available in several languages.